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My retirement (NOT clickbait)

Dear Diary,

So I’m retiring. Not today, or even this year, but at the end of 2026 (the year I turn 40!) (😭), I’m outta here. And no, this is not a joke. I may occasionally post a story, but for the most part? That’s a wrap. Of course, this means I have a shit ton of writing to do before then, so I’m going to pick up the pace and write as often as possible because my backlog is horrendous. Especially when you consider I have to finish the Nephilim, Voyeur, and Killer Lolis series, as well as a few other yarns I haven’t even started to weave yet that are slated to be released.

And it’s not only my backlog either, but those of several pen names as well (such as my big brother’s Change series, which I’m taking over). Any of you that know me in the least know I’m passionate about writing, and my retirement may confuse you because of this. Well, I’ll make it simple: I love writing, but it is not my everything. The people in my life, both digital and non, mean way more, and the more time I spend writing is time I’m taking away from them. Time I could be enjoying them, because, you know, life isn’t promised.

I’ve lost many people I care deeply for; it’s taught me not to take them for granted.

2026 Is still a way off, however, so for now, I’m going to focus on bleeding out on the page. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. Currently, I’m in the first of my revisions of a heartwarming little diddy called Taking Care of Daddy, a book scheduled to be released on April 1, 2024. So much fun. And… weird. 😄

I love writing, don’t get me wrong, but… to be honest, it’s going to be nice to step away from it all. I mean, by the time I’m 40, which is more or less the halfway marker for life, I’ll need to take a step back and evaluate what’s important to me and what’s not – and, of course, spend as much time as I can with the people I love before they are taken away. Or I from them. After all, no one knows the hour our time is up, right? All we can do is live like it’s our last. ✌



“I see retirement as just another of these reinventions, another chance to do new things and be a new version of myself.”

– Walt Mossberg


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  1. Lamar on October 12, 2022 at 2:46 pm

    I truly get what you’re saying about writing and retirement cause you shall write like its your last as we must treat every day to the fullest. I agree with you and it also be a bummer if you retire early while being shut out of some more really exciting stories. 😥

    • Alexa Nichols on November 1, 2022 at 4:23 pm

      Awww! I know I won’t be able to ‘fully’ retire, but I appreciate your kind words. You are awesome, my dood! 🥰

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