Beautifully Lazy Day…

Sundays have always been my lazy days. Whether I’m recovering from a hangover or catching up on sleep, it has always been the day that I just hermit myself in my room or maybe snag my brother and vegetate on the couch and watch movies, TV, whatever.
If I didn’t, he would constantly be working – and I simply can’t allow that!
Every Sunday tends to have a theme with me. Some Sundays the theme is anime, others manga, others video games… today, apparently, the theme of the day was catching up on sleep, because I had about 15 micro-naps throughout the day. Which is strange, because I never nap during the week, and rarely on the weekends, so this is an interesting experience! ?
And I do love my weekends. Except for one thing: I start to develop a nervous twitch from not writing.
Which is why tomorrow, it is going down like a one-legged fat chick!
Other than napping today, I really enjoyed talking with some of you! There are so many different types of personalities out there that I never imagined existed (don’t be surprised if some of you make it into my books), and in the real world men almost seem scared to talk to me, so it’s nice to be able to actually talk to some of you guys for a change!
Some of you should be bolder in real life instead of when you’re behind a computer screen, though – you might be surprised at the results! There are tons of us girls just waiting for you to talk to us! We’re not all diva’s, promise, and the ones that are are not the kind of chicks you would ever want to talk to anyway.
Anyway, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2 DAYS, people, and I expect a party! And go out and buy at least one of my books while you’re planning said party! ? While you’re planning said party, note that I want balloons and confetti. And maybe a stripper (male or female, doesn’t matter – I am bisexual, after all). Definitely alcohol. And a foot rub. God, I love foot rubs!
So there you go. Food for thought.
Until tomorrow, when I jump back into my writer skin…

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