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Man, I had a great day today!

It started with my complete lack of sleep. And I’m not complaining. The reason I couldn’t sleep was because my creative juices wouldn’t quit flowing, so I developed pages upon pages of notes for not only the Nephilim series but a few other stories I have on the back burner as well. I STILL want to continue writing, even though I haven’t slept at all today. And this is without Crackuccino or beer. Just straight creative sparks.

God, I love being a writer!

Me and the bestie even had an awesome conversation about writing and the creative process in general. It was loads of fun – I wish my brother could have been there. He is one creative mofo! Aside from the fascinating conversation, we continued our girl’s day with some movies, starting with “The Room”, which is a very… interesting cinematic effort. I’m paying her chump ass back for subjecting me o that one, and I already started weaving my web: she hasn’t seen The Human Centipede, so I told her it was a romantic comedy and that we’ll watch it the next time I come over.

I plan on filming her discreetly and publishing the result on YouTube. Bahahahahaha!

Maybe my brother is right: maybe I really am the evil spawn of Kimmy Schmidt and Harley Quinn. 😀

Speaking of my brother: he recently unearthed some of my drunk posts from a while back, so now he is seriously looking for breathalyzers for computers! They don’t make those, do they?! I hope not, because if he manages to find one, I’m in serious trouble because I do my best writing when I’m drunk!

Or at least my most interesting! 😉

Anyway, until tomorrow…


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