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So I’m sitting here watching America’s Got Talent, harassing the shit out of my brother to look at some of the acts. Which he hates, because he despises TV, but still! Some of these people are absolutely amazing! They need to make something like this for authors! 😀
Anyway, as far as days go, this one was fairly mundane (yes, even I have mundane days! :-D) – the only interesting thing about it is I ended up writing Nephilim for about six hours.
And woke up at 4AM this morning for some reason, feeling completely refreshed. So, of course, I jumped straight on Nephilim! I’m trying to blaze as much out as I can until I burn out and need to take a break from it, which I know will happen eventually. Fortunately, it’s not due until November 1st and I’m already finishing up the Yellow Edit, so I’m very much ahead of where I projected myself to be.
So much, in fact, that I’m thinking about including a small short story at the end of it, another telling of the Nephilim mythos. My Nephilim mythos, not the real world one. Maybe I’ll even make it serial; including the next part of said short story at the end of each of the Nephilim books.
The only thing I’m kind of hesitant about is putting the story on the cover somehow, because I absolutely love Nephilim’s cover, and I really don’t want to change it. I think trying to include a splash about an added bonus story would just look… ugly. I can’t see in my mind’s eye how to make it work.
Maybe some of you have suggestions? Maybe I shouldn’t include it on the cover at all?
I dunno.
Anyway, I’ll see everyone tomorrow!

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