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Real Life can really suck sometimes. Because of a myriad of non-writing related things I’ve had to take care of these past few days (week, really), I’m so far behind on my author projects that I’m breaking the glass on my emergency Crackuccino and staying up all night to catch up on them. My computer screen is filled with post-its (I tried to add another one, and it told me “Too many notes have been created. Please delete some notes to resume.”) 😀
I got this, though. I have until Monday to get everything finished – which is very do-able…
… right after I typed that, my brother busted in and said “Get dressed. We have tickets to go watch Sausage Party.” And he doesn’t understand why I looked at him like I was about to kill him.
He’s gonna make me spider-monkey his ass all the way to the theater…

Anyway, since I now have to get ready, I’ll leave you guys with this: a lot of people have asked me about my view on relationships and “my type”. I just had a conversation with one of my online peeps that answer these questions, so I figured I’d post an excerpt from it:

HIM: Why does being cheated on bother you?
ME: Where did that come from?
HIM: My sense of curiosity
ME: I am not a fan of sarcasm. Just a heads up. I was asking about the catalyst of the question.
HIM: I remember while back u saying u won’t get attached 2 someone you’ve fucked that’s with somebody else because of your concern of infidelity
ME: If you see something bad happen to someone on the news, most likely you shrug it off and go about your day. It may stay with you for a little bit, but most likely you simply place it in the back of your mind. Now, if that same thing happens to YOU, it’s a different matter entirely. It can change your life.
HIM: I like learning about you
ME: I’m flattered. ☺
HIM: You just come across as a very genuine person. So, why does the idea of being cheated on bother you?
ME: I am a very genuine person. To a fault, my brother always tells me. ? The idea of being cheated on bothers me (really, infuriates me) because someone made a commitment to ME. I always tell my closest friends: I don’t care if you lie, cheat, or steal… just don’t do it to ME. And I won’t do it to you.
HIM: You strike me as a woman, when in a relationship, that needs to hear “I love you” at the end of the day
ME: I better hear it more than just “at the end of the day”. If I’m in a relationship, I’M IN A RELATIONSHIP, and I love hard. Completely.
HIM: I’m horrible with saying “I love you” a lot–I hate how distant I can appear from lovers without realizing it
ME: What do you mean?
HIM: Like when you love somebody with all of your heart but they can’t feel it 24/7, even for a second. That’s the stuff that bothers me. Just growing up the way I did, it’s hard sometimes for me to put my feelings into words. I’m very affectionate, just not always real wordy
ME: Love isn’t about a constant blaze of emotion – it’s about way more than emotion, actually. At the bottom of the Love pyramid is Friendship – I think a lot of people forget that. To me, it wasn’t the guys that said “I love you” all the time that made me feel loved, it was the ones that put feeling behind their words, that looked me in the eyes and MEANT it. Or would do something that shows their love without having to say it.
HIM: Do you have “a type?”
ME: Honest.
HIM: I’ll make sure to keep u alive when I take over the world 🙂
ME: I appreciate that! ?

Talk to you guys tomorrow, or maybe even tonight.



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