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Sent to the editor!

My day has been filled with writing, writing, and more writing. Oh, and drinking. Which prompted me to do more writing. For some reason, I get prolific when I drink. Dunno why. Hell, I’m drunk right now! 😛


Anyway, I finally made all the changes (due to beta reader suggestions) to “Nephilim: Daybreak” and submitted it to my editor, so now I’m waiting for her to get back to me with her usual barrage of expletives about how crappy of a writer I am and how I basically show the writing aptitude of a low-grading ESL student.


Not really. Her biggest complaint is that I use too many commas – but then, I’m a firm believer in the Oxford comma, and she isn’t. You writer nerds out there will understand. #TheStrugglesReal


Anyway, aside from writing what little ass I have off, I also managed to get the cover for Nephilim’s second book, “Prisoner”, finished – it should be attached to this post (if I can figure out how to do it).




Anyway, I plan to write some more tonight, so until tomorrow…



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