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Really Pebble?!

Yeah, so Pebble completely fucked my day up. In case you haven’t heard yet, they were bought out by Fitbit and the future of their existing smartwatches is…shaky.

Here’s why this matters to me: I have always been a huge advocate of Pebble, buying damn near every release of their smartwatches either for myself or my family / friends, ending with the Pebble Time Steel with steel band – my everyday watch. There just aren’t any smartwatches out there that compare to it. I’ve spent a lot of time customizing it just the way I like, making do all kinds of things that I just can’t see myself living without.

And as far as Pebble the company goes…I don’t know, I kind of feel betrayed by them for some reason. Kind of like I did when Palm was bought by HP, making my Palm Pre obsolete. I really loved that phone. And HP did nothing but kill WebOS…

Maybe I’m being over-emotional, but I get attached to things. People, objects, animals – if I like something, I can’t help it, I form an emotional bond with it. Even if it’s inanimate objects. Like Peb’le (my name for my watch).

But fuck it. I’m still going to keep rocking Peb’le until it becomes useless. After that, I guess I’ll have to find another smartwatch. I can tell you what it won’t be: a Fitbit. Fuck a Fitbit. I’ll find something – anything – else. Android Wear: what’s up? 😄

So, for me (and a lot of other Pebble lovers out there) it’s a sad day. I know, I know, It’s not the end of the world, but still.

R.I.P Pebble. You will be sorely missed. 😔




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