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Writing day…

I spent the entire day writing and watching my older brother J.C. write the next chapter in his Change series. It’s kind of frustrating, actually, because he won’t tell me jack about it except for the title. I did hear him slam something down out of frustration in the other room while I was writing, however, so apparently, all is not good in his vision of dystopian earth. I dunno. By the time I got there he was busily typing away with like 3 notepads, Notepad++, and Word open at the same time (bopping back and forth between them all) and glared me out of the room.

Which is why I’ll be spider monkeying the shit out of him the second he leaves his writing office.


Tomorrow will most likely be a day of being a complete slacker, so don’t expect anything exciting.

Well, there may be drinking involved, in which case you probably should expect something exciting.

We’ll see how things go. 😀




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