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Beware Small Publishers

So a friend of mine (who is also an author) wrote a book about her surviving an aneurysm and decided to go through a small publisher, and was absolutely ecstatic about it (as she should have been).

Flash forward about 3 months. Everyone that ordered her book through her publisher’s site has yet to receive a copy, and she has yet to get any royalties.

Not one cent.

So now people are complaining that they were scammed and are demanding their money back, but the publisher has yet to respond to anyone so she’s trying to pay everyone back from her own pocket. I told my big brother about this and he is taking it…personally. He’s in the process of setting her author account up at Amazon and getting her book translated to an e-book, paperback, and audiobook format. God, I love my brother.

So guys, be careful. Of any publishers, really, but especially small ones. Do your homework. If they appear rinky-dink, they most likely are.

The publisher, Cavalier Publishing, definitely appears to be one to avoid. What’s really screwed up is that they put her book on Amazon and are receiving monthly royalties on it. It’s breaking my friend’s heart because she poured so much of herself into this book – and has truly survived a horrific ordeal that many don’t. As soon as her book is properly set up, I’ll link to it. I’m not now because I’m not trying to give her “publisher” any more money than they already have.

Anyway, goodnight world…






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