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Hooking Up


So I’m starting to get suspicious. I think this guy


On The Bus

(my brother)


And this girl




(Natalie, my assistant)


might be hooking up. It’s little things, but it’s things I’m starting to notice. Like, it used to be Natalie was all about some J.C., and it was all she could do to not talk about him. She would constantly try to talk to him, be around him, approach him…

Now? She’s always on her phone, doesn’t talk about him at all, and my brother – my brother – is polite to her, even smiles at her briefly when he walks into a room we’re in. Come to think of it, he does that a lot lately…

Not that them hooking up would be a bad thing. Surprising, yes. But bad? No. What pisses me off (if they are) is that they feel the need to hide it from me. Like, why? What do they think I’m going to do? Fire her? Flying-Triple-Reverse-Ultra-Death-Grip-Hadoken-Spider-Monkey his ass or something? I only do that in dire situations. And this isn’t one of them. (He read my diary once when we were little. That was the first time. 😀 )

I’m going to put them in the same room and flat out ask them both when she comes to work Monday. Luckily, she doesn’t read my Diary entries (and I’m pretty sure my brother doesn’t anymore) so they shouldn’t be expecting anything. We’ll see.

Anyway, goodnight world…




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