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Death by Selfie

So I spent most of my day waiting in the doctor’s office with Anne – which I’m completely cool with, because Anne’s my girl, and girls don’t let their girls go to the doctors by themselves. Girl Code. I even managed to get a ton of writing done while we waited.


Hands down the highlight of my day was the guy that almost killed himself trying to take a selfie. It was hilarious. We were on our way to the doctors and we saw this idiot hanging out of the passenger’s side window while his friend drove, trying to take selfies. He ended up getting clipped by another car passing him, which prompted him to swear loudly and gesture rudely at the car. Which baffled me.

You know, that would be a really stupid way to die. 😀

I swear I really don’t understand this generation’s obsession with selfies. My brother has been saying that for a while, but I kept telling him he was being old and grouchy. Now, though, I’m starting to see his point!

And that scares me. 😄

My brother’s response to finding out about this was typical J.C.: “Natural Selection”. 😆

Anyway, time for some Skyrim. Be good to one another. And please, please don’t kill yourselves trying to take selfies. I will laugh at you. You have been warned.






“Politics is my hobby. Smut is my vocation.”

– Larry Flint



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