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Skyrim. And Coffee Wasted.

The title sums up my entire day. Skyrim. I’ve developed a damn Skyrim addiction, and all I did all day was play it. And modded the hell out of it (I have the PC version, which runs beautifully on my new laptop). Not only did I spend all day playing that cursed game, I plan on staying up tonight and playing it too. Anne’s spending the night, so she plans on marathon watching Little Women of LA while I’m playing – and getting coffee wasted with me.

God I love the weekends! 😀

And I love you, too. If no one has told you today that they love you, then let me be the first: I love you.







People say, “Are you just acting?” Well, you can’t act when you’ve got a fist up your butt.

—Marilyn Chambers



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