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Taken! A Smashwords Exclusive!

I really do hate the first day of the month. My to-do list absolutely erupts with all manner of monthly tasks and I spend most of the day forging my way through the quagmire. It all needs to be done, of course, but still. Maybe I need to space things out a bit…I dunno…

Now about my latest novel, Taken, being a Smashwords exclusive… I tried several times to communicate with the Amazon publishing team to figure out what exactly it was about my book that they objected to, and every single time I received a generic form letter as a response. Which told me absolutely nothing.

So I just finally said “fuck it” and went with Smashwords. You can find Taken here.

Sigh. I could say so much more on the Amazon topic, but I’m going to leave it alone for now…

For now.







“All this evidence about murder, and under the conspiracy laws, I`m responsible for this stuff. All the tax evasion, all the murders, all the beatings, I`m responsible for all this stuff. I`m the only artist ever, good or bad, of any kind, to be prosecuted by the Federal Government.”

– Harry Reems



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