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I am having the hardest time adulting today. Especially since my girlfriend seems to be going through some sort of strange existential crisis that I have no idea how to help her through. I love her to death, but I’m not really a philosopher, psychologist, or comforter. I’m way too analytical for all that girly shit. My brother, on the other hand, seems to always know the right thing to do / say…me, I’m more like

(pats distraught person on head) It will be OK. It will be o-kay. There you go. Feel better?


Yeah, I’m a horrible girlfriend, I know. But she knew this getting iintothe relationship, so I’m covered.

Anyway, Rebecca aside, I’m not having a focused / productive / meaningful day at all. I mean, I rocked it at work and all, but as a writer (my real job) I completely tanked. This is probably my karmic balance for rocking the writing thing so hard yesterday. Universe has to keep me in check somehow. 😀

Anyway, goodnight loves. Tomorrow it is going down like a one-legged fat-chick!






“But in a movie like Tarzan, I have to do it with black women. I don’t complain, for Tarzan lives in the jungle.”

– Rocco Siffredi


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