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So yeah, Amazon is giving me hell over my latest book, Taken. Because of the content. Which is not surprising at all, and which I’m pretty much not changing. I wrote them a super-sweet and polite letter informing them of this, and I’m expecting a letter telling me they’re not publishing it as a result.

So it will be the first of my books available exclusively on Smashwords if that happens. I should know by tomorrow – and, of course, I’ll let you guys know.

The story is a bit…hardcore, and maybe if you look at it in a certain light a little racist, even though it wasn’t written with that in mind. You’ll see if you read it.


Other than fighting with Amazon and our water being turned off for several wonderful hours, my day has been pretty uneventful. Writing, writing, and more writing (I had the day off today).

Until tomorrow…






Don’t have oral sex with a woman if her vagina smells like a dumpster; that’s how I lost both my arms.

—Peter North



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