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I’m almost there!

5.29.2018Dear Diary,

I had an impressively productive day today. Not only did I completely finish Quickies Cumpilation Volume 3, (If you haven’t picked up volumes one and two, you really should. Good stuff.) but I also published another collection of short stories under a pen name. Patreon subscribers: be on the lookout for it soon.

So yeah. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Especially since this means all I have left is to finish Voyeur Season 1 Collection, and then I get to dive into the Nephilim series again in earnest – something I’m really excited about. I’ll also be getting the cover for Nephilim: Daybreak redid and editing the innards again to make sure everything is up to snuff. After that though? Nephilim: Prisoner! And then the rest of the Nephilim series. I might take a few brief breaks to churn out another episode of Voyeur, but besides that, it’s all Nephilim all the time until all five books are complete.

And then? A brief pit-stop to finish a few more books I already have rough drafts for, then over to my Loliverse! (Which spawned from the novella Killer Lolis, in case you’re just now tuning in).

I really love being a writer! 🤗

Topic switch.

While I was compiling this Quickies Cumpilation, I was watching (making fun of) Anne’s shows with her: Teen Mom 2, Young and Pregnant, Love & Hip Hop, etc. on the MTV/VH1 apps (which I have on my tablet and stream to her television). And for some reason, every commercial that popped up was from Nigeria. Let me tell you, they have some strange commercials. 😅 And then a commercial popped up for a YouTube video. A YouTube video! Since when in the fuck did they start putting out commercials for YouTube videos?!

Loved it. It definitely kept me entertained while I worked.

Anyway, off to Skyrim. I have sweetrolls to steal and knees to shoot. 🍰



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Alligators have erections for 100% of their lifetime.


  1. Ronnie Mullins on May 29, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Killing them end of the month author tasks great work girly. Enjoy skyrim

  2. Lamar on May 29, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    All in a day’s work, I guess! 😊

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