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Anne’s mouth. 😲

Dear Diary, It is fucking hot outside, people! I mean, offensively hot! I didn’t realize just how hot it got during the day (I’m usually indoors working) but I had to take Anne to the dentist (34 root canals) and damn. 😖 And to make matters worse: I couldn’t get that motherfucking song The Humpty…

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I’m almost there!

Dear Diary, I had an impressively productive day today. Not only did I completely finish Quickies Cumpilation Volume 3, (If you haven’t picked up volumes one and two, you really should. Good stuff.) but I also published another collection of short stories under a pen name. Patreon subscribers: be on the lookout for it soon.…

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Getting ahead of myself

Dear Diary, So, I have this book I’m writing, The Siren’s Song, about an orphan named Arielle that grew up with strange gifts. She lives in a small town very few people know about and is growing tired and frustrated with not only her loneliness but with her body’s unquenched yearnings. She decides to use…

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Hitting the ground running

Dear Diary, It felt absolutely wondrous to jump back into the daily routine of writing. And I finished a lot of it, knocking out the yellow revision of Knocking Up The MILF, working on The Siren’s Song for a bit, and – finally – dived headfirst into Nephilim: Prisoner, the sequel to Nephilim: Daybreak. It…

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Fuck Amazon. And whether or not to send noods.

Dear Diary, The entire theme of my day has to be fuck Amazon. It seems like every spare second of my day has been taken up going back and forth with them over the motherfucking cover for the paperback version of Good Girls Gone Bad, which they swear is either 1) too small or 2)…

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What dat mouf do?!

Dear Diary, Anne is hostile at the moment. I spent almost all day at the dentist with her because we got tired of waiting for word back from the first place we went to, only to be told that she has something like three dozen things wrong with her mouth that need to be fixed.…

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💌 A trio of good emails, and a new audiobook! 🎵

Dear Diary, Today was the day of emails. I received several, and all seemed to contain good news.   Email #1 (Audiobook News) The audiobook version of Cramming Sis! Again! is complete, and as soon as Audible approves my narrators work, it will be live. They shouldn’t have any problems with it, as she did…

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