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Anne’s mouth. 😲

Dear Diary, It is fucking hot outside, people! I mean, offensively hot! I didn’t realize just how hot it got during the day (I’m usually indoors working) but I had to take Anne to the dentist (34 root canals) and damn. 😖 And to make matters worse: I couldn’t get that motherfucking song The Humpty…

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I’m almost there!

Dear Diary, I had an impressively productive day today. Not only did I completely finish Quickies Cumpilation Volume 3, (If you haven’t picked up volumes one and two, you really should. Good stuff.) but I also published another collection of short stories under a pen name. Patreon subscribers: be on the lookout for it soon.…

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Getting ahead of myself

Dear Diary, So, I have this book I’m writing, The Siren’s Song, about an orphan named Arielle that grew up with strange gifts. She lives in a small town very few people know about and is growing tired and frustrated with not only her loneliness but with her body’s unquenched yearnings. She decides to use…

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Hitting the ground running

Dear Diary, It felt absolutely wondrous to jump back into the daily routine of writing. And I finished a lot of it, knocking out the yellow revision of Knocking Up The MILF, working on The Siren’s Song for a bit, and – finally – dived headfirst into Nephilim: Prisoner, the sequel to Nephilim: Daybreak. It…

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