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The world of the Nephilim. And Lesbian Cheerleader Zombie Ninjas from Venus. 😳

Dear Diary,

My Nephilim campaign has officially begun in earnest. I’ve already finished the revision of the eBook and paperback versions of The Secret Life of Miel, Interview With A Werewolf, and Nephilim: Daybreak, and have started drafting out not only the next major installment in the Nephilim pentalogy (Nephilim: Prisoner) but also a Patreon exclusive Erotic Urban Legends Nephilim story titled Broken Wings, about when, why, and how Brianna and Lucius first met. It takes place after The Secret Life of Miel and before Nephilim: Daybreak. It’s an interesting tale. Brianna is an interesting character. A vulnerable bad girl. She actually kind of reminds me of Sara from Girl Fight.

Anyway. Speaking of Erotic Urban Legends.

The bestie and I were hanging out yesterday and came up with the best title for a story ever – a book I swear I’m going to write: Lesbian Cheerleader Zombie Ninjas from Venus! I’m going to release it under my Erotic Urban Legends collection, and I’ve already started drafting it out a bit. In fact, just for fun, I’m going to bust open some alcohol and finish with its outline tonight, since I’m going to be pulling an all-nighter. And I don’t think I can write this one sober. 😄

Speaking of being sober.

Nephilim is a challenging series to write, primarily because it delves into a lot of sensitive subjects as the books progress. I was looking over the outline and overall story arch (which actually started in The Secret Life of Miel) and wondered if I should perhaps water it down a bit – you know, make it more commercial. I quickly decided against it.

Honestly, I’m not writing the Nephilim series to be a commercial success – I’m writing it because it’s a story I’ve had inside me for a long time. It needs to get out. Hopefully people will enjoy it, but if they don’t, I understand. It’s not everyone’s cup of vodka. Some people like safer, fluffier, more traditional erotic paranormal romances, which the Nephilim series definitely is not (have you read Interview With A Werewolf yet?! 😅). I don’t want it to be like all the other books in its genre. I want it to be what it is – a strange tincture of lust, madness, and mysticism, spiced with mystery and served with a side of realism.

Anyway, on to writing. And to drinking. I have lesbian cheerleader zombie ninjas to write about… 😉



“What’s the difference between sex and love? I have four wives and five kids. I apparently don’t know the difference.”

– James Caan


  1. Lamar on August 15, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    I’m sold on Lesbian Cheerleader Ninja Zombies from Venus already! I can’t wait for that and the new Nephilim story! Go get it, Alexa and have fun drinking! 😂😂😘

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