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A day in the life of a wild Alexalien…

Dear Diary,

The question I get asked more than any other is, for some strange reason, how I spend my day. Which is a bit insulting, I think, but also illuminating. It shows a genuine interest in my life and tells me just how mature and thoughtful some of my peeps truly are. I like that. I really do.

So here’s how a typical day in the life of a wild Alexalien looks:

  1. 6 AM: Wake up and smack Anne awake. Though we don’t technically live together, since I’m her caregiver and I live all the way in Corpus Christi, I’m at her place more often than not. We used to alternate, with her coming to my place for a few weeks and me going to hers, but COVID (and then her getting cancer) changed all that, so we kind of just fell into the habit of being at her place. Soon we’ll return to my place because her crib is small. 😳 And, you know, I terribly miss my big brother’s bougie ass…
  2. 7 AM-12 PM: Writing. Usually, my main work in progress, but sometimes (especially if I need more time to think on an element or in between revisions), I’ll dabble in a side project. Whatever it is, I always place my headphones on and listen to my carefully selected playlist for said project, losing myself in the story’s ambiance. Bliss…
  3. 12 PM-1 PM: Lunch/anime. Sometimes I just grab something quick and eat while I work, though I try and watch at least one episode of my current anime cause, you know, otaku and all.
  4. Get a light, 15-minute workout before returning to the grind.
  5. The next three hours are spent doing non-writing author work. Things like processing mail, Patreon/ projects, dealing with social media notifications, listening to my podcasts, and – if I somehow manage to finish everything early enough – playing some video games with Anne before I hit the gym.

Repeat the next day.

Boring, right?!

But now you know.



“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

– Pablo Picasso


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