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Questions To Ask A Wild Rampaging Alexa…


Ripped from the website Ponly


What books can you recommend?

So many. My favorites are the Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor Lavey, The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker, and numerous other occult and metaphysical books… my interests are all over the place!


What was the last joke that made you laugh?

I tend to laugh at everything, especially TikTok videos and memes. I can’t even remember.


How would you characterize your best friend?

Selfless and brave.


Do you have a character you often compare yourself to?

No. I’m too weird to even attempt that!


Do you spend weekends with your family?

I try, but most of the time, I can’t. I make up for this during the week as much as possible. Of course, my ‘family’ pretty much amounts to my baby squirrel and my big brother, so…


Who is your favorite foreign singer?



What was the last fear you were able to overcome?

It took me a while to think of an answer to this. Not because I don’t have any fears, of course, but because most of the things I would consider ‘fears’ were conquered a looong time ago. I think the last fear I conquered would have to be social media. For most of my life, I didn’t partake in it; I didn’t see the need. That and all the horror stories I kept hearing acted as a serious deterrent. Now? I practically live on Twitter.


What is the weirdest game you have ever played?

Harvester. I loved, hated, and was creeped out by it – all at the same time.


What is the most mind-blowing piece of art you have ever seen?

I’m amazed by most forms of art, especially those done with obvious passion. I’m a huge fan of passion; it makes for fantastic creative works.


What is your favorite computer game?

Skyrim! Though The Witcher 3 is rapidly moving up on my list of favorites.


What things would you like to change in the world?

1. Racism. It baffles me how something as simple as skin pigment can make people feel at odds with one another. We seem to be the only creatures on the planet that does this… why?

2. Sexism. The idea that just because I’m female, I am somehow less than or weaker. Physically, yes, I understand, but there are far more important things than physical strength. In today’s society, physical strength is low on the totem poll.

3. Religious entitlement. Just because someone has a different religion than you doesn’t mean they are any better or worse. They are simply different. That would be like hating someone because they eat American cheese and you don’t. Food tastes are different depending on the person… so is religion.


What dish would you never be able to refuse?

Eggs Benedict. They are the bane of my existence (health-wise).


What type of stereotypes are you most sick of?

That women are or should be subservient to men. That we like to be catcalled and anointed with endearing names like ‘honey’ or ‘dear’ by absolute strangers. That we want to be hit on or touched by people we don’t even know. That we want unsolicited pictures of dicks.


Is there something you are afraid of asking in public?

I hate asking people for anything, even small, simple things. My big brother scolds me for this all the time. He says I have too much pride; I say I’m fiercely independent. That ‘pride’ has made me strong, self-sufficient, and smarter than your average. However, I do see his point: I can sometimes get overzealous…


If you could start this day anew, what would you do?

Find ways to get even more accomplished than I did. I’m huge on efficiency.


Between DC and Marvel, what would you choose?

Marvel. I don’t think I’ve ever read a DC comic, while at one point I was actually collecting Marvel!


What is/was your favorite class at school?

Athletics. I’ve always been naturally athletic, so this was my favorite class. Academically, it would have to be English. Especially when we studied classical literature, like myths and pantheons. I fell in love with writing because of those.


What do you think happiness consists of?

True Friendship.


When you feel there is someone annoying at a party, how do you react?

I actively avoid/ignore them.


Have you ever had an urge to leave your city and live somewhere in the countryside surrounded by rivers and magnificent mountains?

Oh, hell no. I am way too bougie to make it in the country! I love my conveniences; there is no way I could live without them. I mean, I COULD, but I definitely wouldn’t like it!


Do you have an animal you adore?

Dragons. I’ve always had a deep fascination with them, even when I was a little girl. If you’re talking about real animals, it would have to be dogs. I love them so much. I like cats too, but I adore dogs way more.


Hearing a well-respected person criticizing your loved one, what would you do?

Light. Them. Up!


What is your happiest childhood memory?

I have so many that it would be difficult to emphasize just one. Most include my big brother; very few have anything to do with my ‘parents.’


What is the thing you are most grateful for?



Would you never try rather than die trying?

I try to never say never, but skydiving is high on the list. And Bungie jumping.


Have you ever had any experiences to meet your favorite artist?

I don’t have a favorite artist. More on that in a bit.


Can you cut relationships with people pulling you down?

Yes. I have a history of it. In fact, I’ve become good at it!


What is your dream job?

Being a writer.


What makes you feel proud of yourself?

Completing a story and then receiving feedback on said story. I put a lot of work into my works, so when it’s all finally finished and in the hands of my readers – and they take time out of their lives to give me their opinions on it – bliss. I mean, they could be doing anything else, but they used their precious time to read one of my works. Fucking mind blowing!


What inspires you the most?

My baby squirrel. This little wench has not only beat cancer and was a trooper throughout the entire thing but also quit smoking and drinking cold turkey. I am honestly in awe of her, and she inspires the shit out of me when I’m undertaking, well, anything.


Do you think money can buy happiness?

Actually, yes. I know conventional wisdom says ‘no,’ but I believe it can.


What is your favorite flower?

Actually, I’m not too fond of flowers. Venus fly traps, maybe? Black Dahlias? Black roses?


What are three words that make you smile?

I love you. I could insert some weird or funny answers, but honestly, those three words mean a lot to me. They always put a smile on my face (not when said by strangers, though. That’s creepy).


Can you name a place where you have never been to but wish to go?

Japan! (That one was so easy 😄)


What human qualities do you cherish?

Loyalty and honesty.


What language do you want to learn?



Who is the person you admire?

I admire several people, but I’m going to assume you mean “the most.” That would be my big brother.


What is your favorite midnight cocktail?

I don’t drink alcohol, and even when I did, I never drank cocktails. So I have no idea.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

This is easy: “Don’t gamble anything you can’t afford to lose.”


Who is your favorite artist?

I don’t have favorite artists of any genre of work; I have favorite works. And they are legion. I’ve always wondered about people that are fans of other people, stating that everything they make is golden. That isn’t possible, nor is it true. Yes, you can have artists that resonate with you more often than not and be fond of those artists, but I don’t. Not truly.


How do you deal with criticism?

It honestly depends on the person and reason. I firmly believe in the Rorschach (ink blot) test, which states that people project themselves onto you. Their observations, tone, and worldview are truly representative of the way they think and how they see themselves. People will snitch themselves off pretty quickly if you allow them to speak long enough.

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  1. Kinky Richie on April 30, 2023 at 9:45 am

    Wow, Alexa, one can really get a feeling of the person you are by these answers. Good job!


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