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Fight me

Dear Diary,   (ALARM CLOCK GOES OFF) (I reach out and slap it off the table.) (Which doesn’t silence said alarm clock, of course.) (I don’t care. It’s farther away from me now, and that’s all that matters.) (15 Minutes later, big brother slings my door open fully dressed and – as always – smelling…

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Fuck Amazon. And whether or not to send noods.

Dear Diary, The entire theme of my day has to be fuck Amazon. It seems like every spare second of my day has been taken up going back and forth with them over the motherfucking cover for the paperback version of Good Girls Gone Bad, which they swear is either 1) too small or 2)…

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What dat mouf do?!

Dear Diary, Anne is hostile at the moment. I spent almost all day at the dentist with her because we got tired of waiting for word back from the first place we went to, only to be told that she has something like three dozen things wrong with her mouth that need to be fixed.…

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Come at me, bro!

Dear Diary, Life gets me wired up sometimes, like in a hostile come at me, bro! kind of way. There is so much I want to accomplish, but it seems like time just doesn’t give any fucks whatsoever. The more I want to do, the faster time seems to go, making the time I have…

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A busy wench

Dear Diary, This has been a weird day. My internet has been continually shutting on and off, Patreon is doing something strange with my supporter payments (😳), and my brother has been bizarrely emo all day. I’ve been trying to spend as much time with him as I can while still getting things accomplished, but…

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