Boring Day…

So I sprung out of bed at 6 AM this morning (my sleep schedule is finally back to where it should be) and hit the ground running: worked on my secret project for a little over three amazingly creative hours, made and successfully submitted the paperback version of Phi Beta Pie (in a few days it should be live), and went out to do our laundry and enjoy the outside for a bit.
For a very little bit.
Until my body realized how hot it was.
I don’t do heat well…
Anyway, my brother finally got the first run of his Change series in paperback format, and I have to admit, they look SLICK. Making eBooks is great and all, but there’s something about holding an actual physical book in your hands that’s just… indescribable. I miss real books. I don’t even own a real book anymore, they’re all on my phone / tablet / kindle.
So I snatched his books and refuse to give them back until I’m done reading them. Maybe not even then. We’ll see. I think I’m his biggest fan, whether he knows it or not; he’s the one that inspired me to write. I love that huge motherfucker!
I had another fascinating conversation with my bestie today (she kept me company while I did laundry) and… well, other than all that… it’s been a pretty boring day.
So until tomorrow.
As always,

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