Homeless Mannequin Challenge

So I was running around downtown and saw the strangest thing: a homeless person giving out one of those homeless newspapers “mannequin challenge” style. I almost tripped over myself looking at this dude. If I would have had any cash on me (I only use plastic) I would have so bought all the papers he was selling. I love people that go above and beyond the norm, people who try to make the best out of the life they were given. And being an upbeat, positive person myself (most of the time, anyway) I adore people who try to keep a positive spin on life.

That being said, and not trying to contradict what I just wrote above, I will never understand public crazes like this. I didn’t understand it with the Ice bucket Challenge, and I definitely don’t with the Mannequin Challenge. Why do people do these kinds of things? To just have fun? Do they really think they’re helping some kind of cause or something?

Are they?

With the Mannequin Challenge specifically, why are people even doing it? I mean, I know the trend was started by high school students at Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, but there just doesn’t seem to be a purpose behind it that I can discern.

Maybe I’m the weird one for not getting it all.

Believe me, I don’t have anything against these viral crazes that sweep our country from time to time – most of them are highly amusing to watch. But then the logical part of me always wonders why, and that’s when I start going crazy. 😀

Know what Rebecca’s view is on this? She thinks as long as people are coming together in love and not in hate, whatever they’re doing can’t be bad.

And you know what? I have to agree. <3




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