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I took the day off of work today because I was feeling completely out of it. I should have known better than to ignore the warning signs my body was giving me yesterday; every time I do it always comes back and bites me hard.

There is a silver lining to the dark cloud of my being sick, however: I got a lot of writing done that I didn’t think I was up to doing (like over four hours worth – I only intended to do about one). I even helped my big brother customize his Tumblr account and gently persuaded him (i.e., spider monkeyed until he finally broke) to start posting updates on social media about what he’s up to. (I love him so much, but for someone with an IQ of 200 he is so social media retarded!)

Aside from all that, I basically spent the rest of the day in bed drinking butterscotch schnapps and sleeping whenever my mind gave me a break from brainstorming on my writing. I do feel a lot better, which is good, because tomorrow I have a full day scheduled – same for Friday. This weekend, however, is going to be all about some anime and Chrono Trigger. And most likely the rest of this huge bottle of butterscotch schnapps. 😛

Anyway, be good.

Or, if that fails, be really, really bad… 😉



P.S: The folks at Grammarly (which I absolutely swear by as a writer) asked me to give you guys a link if you’re interested in checking it out. If you’re a writer (and I know a lot of you heathens are) you should really check this thing out. It doesn’t entirely replace a good editor, but it comes damn close, and basic usage is free – so you’re risking absolutely nothing. It integrates with Word, your web browser, your toaster, your cat, etc. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, here’s the link:

Tell them Alexa Nichols sent you. I’m trying to con them out of a year of Premium service. 😛



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