Strippers at the baby shower…

Man did I get a lot of things done today! It was like my day was sponsored by Red Bull or something because all the author/personal tasks that I had piled up I just killed like your average Game of Thrones episode. And not only did I get all my tasks done, but I managed to squeeze in some serious writing time as well. And I had some really good conversations (even a marriage proposal!) with people some of my readers. Love them.

I’m definitely hitting 2017 running!

Though it has been a productive day, it has also been strange: for one, one of my closest friends asked me again if I think she should hire strippers for her baby shower. Let that sink in. For her baby shower. When she first asked me the other day I thought she was joking so I just laughed it off, but turns out this woman was dead serious! And she wants me to orchestrate it! (Cause, you know, erotica authors automatically have strippers on speed dial! 😀 )

OK, maybe I have a few, but that is completely coincidental.

So I did what any mature, level-headed woman would do: I said yes and reached out and started asking around. I am so taking pictures of this, by the way, so be expecting them.

The other interesting thing that happened occurred when I was out shopping for household tidbits: I actually got bit by a flipping mosquito! Aren’t we still in winter?? Are mosquitos just getting more gangsta or something and I didn’t notice? That motherfucker hurt, too!

Anyway, I need to get situated for bed, because I have to be up early to take Anne to a doctor’s appointment and I haven’t eaten dinner/showered/watched The Originals yet. So, until tomorrow…







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