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Day, interrupted

So, I wake up feeling a little under the weather. I get up, do the whole hygiene thing, then get back in bed and prepare to write for a few hours while my big brother is making me peanut butter pancakes. (Yes, I am definitely loved)

And then I get called in to work last minute.

That’s pretty much how my entire day has gone. 😀

Not that I’m complaining, as Christmas shopping really molested my bank account and I definitely need the money (book royalties don’t come in until the end of the month). Plus, it was a fairly easy / relaxed day at work – so much so that I even managed to sneak in a bit of writing during breaks and lunch.

My current project? Finishing Qedesha, a story about…well…just Goog’le “Qedesha” and you’ll get a pretty good idea. (If you’ve read my past entries, you already know, because I’ve talked about it at length) I’ve actually already written the entire thing and created the cover for it, but…I’m just not happy with the ending. I want there to be something, I don’t know, more.

How do you guys deal with a story that you just can’t figure out how to end? Keep in mind this is a one-shot, so there won’t be any connected stories following in its footsteps.

Any suggestions?

Anyway, back to writing – I’m trying to brainstorm this whole ending thing before I go to bed. If you guys have any helpful advice, let me know!




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