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I don’t know what it was about today that had my emotions all over the place, but they were. I was quiet, moody, and generally just reflective. All. Day.

Not that that was necessarily a bad thing or anything, it’s just something that I (and the people who know me) are not used to. Maybe it’s because the weather has been so screwy lately. Or maybe I just need to take a break from the whole writing thing for a bit and just live a little. That’s what my assistant, Natalie, seems to think. And maybe she’s right.

But here’s the problem with that line of thinking: writing has become my life. Whenever I’ve tried to take a break from it in the past, I always became agitated and confused, like life just didn’t make sense anymore. So I would end up cheating – writing a little here, a little there…not really taking the whole break thing seriously.

Maybe I need to. Just for a bit.

Something I’m going to think about this weekend.

Anyway, goodnight my loves.

Until tomorrow…






“In my real life I never do that. It’s too exhausting.”

– On having sex with three women at the same time for a porn movie.

– Rocco Siffredi



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