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My Neck

So I’ve been walking around all day today with an annoying crick in my neck that I somehow ended up getting. Normally something like that would be from sleeping funny or something, but I didn’t get it until midway through the day.

Maybe J.C. karate chopped me during my nap…


This was another lazy day for me. I played Skyrim, watched My Kitchen Rules on Hulu with Anne, and just lazed around Anne’s place like I owned it.

A calm, relaxing day.

This coming week will definitely not be, as I have a lot planned to accomplish, mostly author things. Including a few you guys don’t know about yet.

God I love being an author. Seriously. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Thank you for making this possible…






“Cricket is like sex films – they relieve frustration and tension.”

– Linda Lovelace



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