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I could not quit dreaming last night. It’s was like I was hit with one dream after another in a parade of nonsensical but entertaining visions.

Loved it.

Hated that I woke up feeling so exhausted as a result of it, though. Like I was binge watching something truly mesmerizing all night long.

I bet the marathon dreaming is a result of my lack of writing lately. Too much stored up creativity. Like sex build up, but with imagination.


The rest of my day was pretty basic – went to work, came home, spider monkeyed the brother (much to the chagrin of his girlfriend – and my assistant – Natalie, who was trying to cuddle him on the couch. Hey, she knew what she signed on for. 😄 )

Until tomorrow loves…






“I remember being on set, and the guys all laughing at me because I kept reading my bible.”

– Tom Katt



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