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Getting thrown out of bed

9d37372f64cb8e5cd8bef2021b5d4800Dear Diary,

This time change thing is completely fucking with my internal clock, more so than I ever remember it doing in past years. I woke up this morning and turned off my alarm, then proceeded to stare at the ceiling forlornly until my brother came in and practically threw me out of bed.

And then I started writing on Interview With A Werewolf while he made me breakfast (peanut butter pancakes!) and ended up knocking out a few thousand words. I didn’t do as much as I wanted, but that was only because I had to brainstorm and tweak the story a bit, not to mention do some research about the end of the world.

Long story.

Or, rather, short story.

Well, a short story that may end up being a long story because I have this writing issue where-

Never mind. 😀

The reason I only wrote for a few hours is that I had to work on things for the last book in the Qedesha series, available for June 1 pre-order now: The Qedesha’s Handmaiden. Things like creating and preparing to submit the paperback, filling out all the x-ray information, and getting the audiobook set up with potential narrators. Etc.

After I finally hung up my writing hat for the day, Anne somehow sucked me into a marathon of Ghost Adventures on Hulu, and I even managed to sneak in a bit of Skyrim before beta-reading a little for a friend and sitting down to knock out this entry before going to bed.

And there you have it. My day in a nutshell.

Until tomorrow, my loves…



“That means that every human being – without distinction of sex, age, race, skin color, language, religion, political view, or national or social origin – possesses an inalienable and untouchable dignity.”

– Hans Kung


  1. Lamar on March 12, 2018 at 7:29 pm

    Peanut butter pancakes, yummmmmmmm! 🤤🤤🤤🤤😛 Though my day was good!

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