I. Am. Exhausted.
I managed to stay up all day, knocking out task after task, most of them being author related grunt work. I also managed to talk to some of you today, which helped ease the constant chaos dancing around in my mind.
I get loopy (and irritable) when I’m tired, so if I offended or hurt anyone’s feelings I apologize. It wasn’t my intent. The fact that I talked to you at all means a lot more than you know. Especially today, when I was so focused on getting things done.
In that vein, I actually feel quite accomplished. When I started my day I had 50 Sticky Notes plastered all over my computer’s screen; so far I’ve managed to beat them down to a measly 20. Tomorrow I plan on knocking them out completely, except for the big intimidating writing one (that angrily informs me in vibrant purple that I still owe 11 hours worth of writing time).
And I’m not skurd. I can’t wait to actually do it.
But not today. I am way too tired. In fact, I was so tired this morning that I even made myself Crackuccinoatmeal for breakfast!
And it was delicious! And it wired me way the fuck up! ?
Right after this entry I plan on going to bed and going over to the besties tomorrow to run some errands with her, both hers and mine. Luckily all my documents (my entire laptop, really) is synced to my phone, so I can do nearly everything I would normally do on my computer on my phone instead.
God I love MyPhoneExplorer!
Anyway, I know this isn’t a fascinating entry or anything, but then it wasn’t really a fascinating day, either – it was basically all about catching up on author things that Real Life kept pushing off to the side.
So goodnight, everyone.
Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more entertaining… ?
#Love ❤

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