Much better

This was an illuminating day.

For starters, I researched how to better manage time when you have a full time job / any semblance to a life, and developed a workable (and enjoyable) schedule.

I tried it out today, and so far, so good.

I attacked “Nephilim: Prisoner” like a beast, slamming out another few thousand words, and am about to jump right back on it as soon as I finish this entry. All while running around with Anne (doctors appointment) and getting other little things done (like buy beer for this weekend!!! You hear that, Harold?? Get ready boy!! We’re doing this!!)

Having everything worked out and scheduled has done wonders for my outlook on writing and everything else. I needed to plan this out; I’m too organized not to. I can’t work, thrive, or be happy in a state of chaos. I’m just not built like that.

Anyway, I love you all, so back to writing. 😉


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