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Periods suck!

The worst thing about being on your period isn’t really the bleeding – although that is annoying as all fuck – but that you can’t have sex! Especially when you’re VERY attracted to the person your with, and the relationship is still in it’s infancy.

So the lust factor is all high and you can’t do a damn thing about it!

I mean, it sucks to give and not get!

Luckily the girl I’m with (Rebecca, obviously) doesn’t want to do anything sexual until she can pleasure me, too. But that just makes me WANT to pleasure her because she’s being so selfless! But of I do, it’s going to make me horny as hell…

The agony!

Anyway, a lot of you weighed in on what I should do about the whole Rebecca not knowing I’m an erotica author thing – and I really appreciate that. I needed the advice. And I’m actually going to do what the majority of you suggested: flat out telling her. Tomorrow. She’s coming over so we can watch Netflix together, so I figure that will be the perfect time.

This can either be really good, or really, really bad. Keep your fingers crossed. For me. ❤


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