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My intent for the day was simply to bask in the glory that is the birthing of Nephilim: Daybreak (have you got yourself a copy yet? If not, go to and get one!), and maybe spend some time with the girlfriend and brother units.

And then Life happened.

Here’s what I mean by that:

The release of Nephilim sparked a lot of comments and questions, which I honestly hadn’t foreseen. All of them are good (surprisingly), but they took a lot more time responding to than I liked. Still. I’m not complaining. 😀 Better than a wave of haters coming at me, right?

And then my girlfriend was busy with all manner of things, so we didn’t get to hang out during the day like I wanted. But then, I had the day off and she didn’t, so I can’t complain too much. And we texted the shit out of each other. Which is better than nothing, right?

And my brother… he is so deep in his writing now that he’s damn near unapproachable. He’s gonna make me spider monkey his ass the second he wakes up and not let go until I have to go to work if he doesn’t start paying me more attention! I’m serious! I’ll brush my teeth, do my hair, and everything while spider monkeying him! Does he not know who he’s dealing with?! I mean, I’m glad that he’s writing again and all, but little sisters need love too! 🙁

But there is a happy ending to be had here: the last part of the day I ended up taking a nap, and woke up to Rebecca climbing in bed with me. Which is where she is now. Which is where I’m about to be as soon as I stop writing this entry.





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