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I’m feeling a little bit hostile today, for two very different reasons.

And neither is writing. (Go ahead Reddit, spam report / downvote / troll / whine. I love you guys, but I give zero fucks.) 😀

Me and Anne (my client – I’m a part-time certified caregiver) decided to spend the day together and run some errands. The first of which was going to family court.

The father of her baby, who currently has custody, decided to try and sue her for child support – the only problem with this is she is on SSI (she is wheelchair-ridden due to severe cerebral palsy) and has no other form of income. Which is why I’m always taking her places – if I didn’t, she would literally never leave the house.

And she’s such a beautiful person, both inside and out. Although for some reason she strongly dislikes Rebecca (my girlfriend). 😀

Anyway, this court thing has been a long-standing back and forth ordeal for her and has only served to put her through the emotional ringer. The worst part about it? It has to keep getting rescheduled because the father of her baby keeps not showing up. Today the judge finally decided to dismiss the case.

So, it’s finally over.

The fact that this dude put her through all this for an entire year and didn’t even bother to show for three different court hearings just enrages me. It’s bad enough that she lost her child due to her disability to begin with, but that he has the audacity to try and claim child support from her…I guess when you have three other kids and another on the way with the chick you’re currently shacking up with you need the money. Luckily someone on SSI can’t be sued for child support, so my girls got nothing to worry about. It’s just taken a severe emotional toll on her, because she loves her son deeply, and this is a constant reminder of when he was ripped out of her arms. Oh, and the father won’t give her visitation, either, because he’s convinced that she sued him for child support… (She didn’t.)

Basically, this guy is fucking stupid. In a big way.

After we left the court and ran a few more errands I decided to surprise Anne and take her to a comic shop – someplace she’s somehow managed to never go, and when she found out my surprise she was super excited about it.

There were three in traveling distance according to the great Goog’le, so I bookmarked them and went to the first one on the list.

Here’s how that went down: the first comic store was shut down (I should have called ahead of time, I know, but I just didn’t think of it) so we went to the other end of town to another one – only to find out that it wasn’t anywhere near wheelchair accessible. Which I kind of thought was a bit illegal.

The third one was so far away that Anne just said not to worry about it; she just wanted to go home. Which really sucked, and made me feel hella bad.

So, I decided to spend the night with her and binge-watch The Originals and the anime Maken-Ki. She’s completely in love with both, and we’re having a blast. I even bought this huge bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps that we’re about to molest, so the night may definitely get a lot more fun. (I swear I was about to write funner, completely obliterating any writer-cred I may have built up to this point. :-D)

You know, I actually feel a lot better now after writing all this down. It was kind of therapeutic…I’m starting to see why my brother keeps a daily journal under encryption on his computer (still working on cracking that motherfucker, if I have any hacker readers out there let me know!)

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent – and, as always, thanks for reading.

It means more to me than you know.







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