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A beautifully relaxing Sunday

Not alot to report today. I did absolutely nothing except sleep in, walk around in my underwear, and watch football with my brother. (#Cowboys, bitches!)

Oh, and play the shit out of Chrono Trigger on my Super Nintendo. I have never beaten that game, and I’m hell-bent on doing it.

Now. Several of you have asked about my plans for Erotic Urban Legends – how I plan to move forward with it and so on. I’ll take a page from my brothers book and use some advice he gave me a long time ago: “Never let your right hand know what your left is doing.”

When he told me that I nodded sagely and then ran to Google to look that motherfucker up, because it sounded familiar and I honestly had no idea what he meant. Turns out it’s in the Christian Bible (Matthew 6:3, more precisely). Since I know my brother is nowhere near a Christian, I asked him why he was quoting a Christian Bible passage.

His response floored me: he said that he wasn’t, though there is wisdom to be found in the Bible. What he means, apparently, is when your being slick, be slick in such a way that is not obvious to even the people closest to you, the ones that know you best. (Paraphrasing the fuck out what he said, because he talks way different than I do – if you’ve ever gotten an email from him or talked to him on the phone you know this already. :-D)

So, in that vein, my response to you guys about what I’m going to do about Erotic Urban Legends is this: “”

Hopefully you all enjoyed your Sunday like I have mine…




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