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Sleeping in until noon!

Dear Diary, So, I did something I haven’t done since I was a teenager: I slept in until noon! And then I got up and smacked Anne awake, and we played video games – she played Final Fantasy XV, and I played The Sims 4, Left 4 Dead, and World of Final Fantasy. It was…

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Glorious Saturday

Dear Diary, I didn’t do anything productive today. I laid in bed, read manga, and talked with Anne and Rebecca. That’s it. It was beautiful. And as soon as I finish this entry, we’re all going to finally watch the new IT and get white girl wasted afterward. Or maybe during. Dunno. I hope your…

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Of zombies and laundry

Dear Diary, I had the strangest dream last night. I was in the middle of an apocalyptic zombie infested anarchy type situation, and all I could think about was getting my laundry done! I mean, it was a strong compulsion – I absolutely had to get it done for some reason. Crazy. See, this is…

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Impatiently awaiting the weekend

Dear Diary, I cannot wait until the motherfucking weekend gets here. When it does, I am not doing a single writing-related thing – my heathen ass is going to drink, play The Sims 4, kill zombies in Left 4 Dead’s third mission, and marathon read the rest of My Balls (the manga I’m currently reading).…

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Nintendo did it again!

Dear Diary, See, I had all sorts of author accomplishments and updates to post about today, but then Nintendo went and announced Labo. And my mind was blown. If this had been released on April 1st it would have made complete sense – I would have just written it off as an April Fools Day…

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Dear Diary, I have been one seriously busy bitch today. I started my day out by spending hours converting Amore into a paperback and then submitting it for approval. Speaking of the paperback: if you’re going to buy just one version of Amore, I highly suggest getting the paperback one. It’s formatted the way I…

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Plot revisions galore

Dear Diary, I spent most of the day retooling the plot of my current “labor of love” because it was getting too far off course. OK, that is putting it mildly. My characters decided to make me their bitch and completely train-wrecked my fucking story. Yeah, that sounds more like what happened. So, I stopped…

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A typical Sunday. Whether I wanted it or not.

Dear Diary, I had every intention of writing today. I went to bed brewing with ideas and genuinely excited about the direction my current story was going. I had to pull off some serious Jedi mind tricks to keep from repeatedly thinking of things I wanted to add, which frequently happens when I go a…

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Relaxing and shallow

Dear Diary, I was a horrendous author-unit today. Not only did I not write at all, but I’m also drunk as fuck. Most of my day was spent playing World of Final Fantasy, Left 4 Dead, and The Sims 4. Repeatedly. In fact, as soon as I’m done with this entry, I’m going back to…

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Paying to play

Dear Diary, Boy did I pay for taking the day off yesterday. I didn’t sleep too well last night (I never really do in other people’s beds), and when I finally came home and hunkered down to write, I found myself instantly drained and uninterested. Which is abnormal as hell for me. So I did…

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