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One of the first authors I met in my writing career was this wench. We immediately hit it off – we even got eMarried on June 21, 2019, but that was a sordid, illicit affair involving a Chicken McNugget contest that we didn’t even win. Ah well. We stayed married because, well, why not, am I right?

Seriously though, I consider her my best digital homiegirl, for reasons that should be easily evident to anyone that knows me even a little. I mean, she has this strange, over-the-top, creative personality and I, well, I’m me. 😅 Her intelligence, artistic talent, and unique writing style have enthralled me from the beginning, so much so that she’s one of the few people I have all notifications turned on for in my favorite social media network, Twitter. She’s opinionated as all hell, which I love, and even if I don’t always agree with her (which honestly doesn’t happen often) I fully understand why she believes the way she does. She is smart, talented, and just plain fun.

This is why I chose to interview her. She’s pretty dope, y’all. 🥰

So without further delay, here we go…


Me: If you could go back in time and bang any dead celebrity, who would it be?

Selina: Bang as in naughty stuff? The one I would like to choose is still alive but Ann-Margaret circa 1960s was absolutely stunning. However, probs just go back and join in with Anthony & Cleopatra for some milky milky fun time until they brought out the snakes then I’d be ‘yeh I’m out’. Plus Shakespeare would then legit have to include me in the play and I would be immortalised on the stage by the likes of Judi Dench or Glenda Jackson.


Me: What is your favorite genre of book to read?

Selina: I have a strange obsession with the pulp fiction novels of the 1950s-70s mainly the crime and Sci-Fi ones. I love the style which I try to emulate in my own writing – the grubbiness and simple way of telling a story, it’s beautiful.

Plus I love reading what my wonderful band of indie writers write because they are so delightful.


Me: When you’re not reading or writing, how do you like to pass the time?

Selina: Drink gin. Watch Netflix. Although recently I have gotten in to doing a lot of art as I find that to be a lot of fun… plus I can do the other two at the same time 


Me: What will make you quit reading a book?

Selina: My attention span! That’s why I love the pulp fiction stuff as it’s a quick read. Anything from like page 250 onwards and it’s looking dodgy if I will complete it. I’ve read every Stephen King novel but never completed a single one – btw that bloke who takes his family to the hotel seems nice, I hope it works out well for him with his book and that.


Me: What was your favorite class in school?

Selina: Despite my upbringing I was a bit of a swot at school as I simply love learning things. English Literature and History were my fave. Although I did enjoy PE because the games of hockey were just brutal and I still carry the scars 


Me: Speaking of school, fill in the blank: When I was younger, my classmates voted me most likely to _________ when I grew up?

Selina: Most likely to annoy the fuck out of men when I grew up. It’s my super power 


Me: What’s the hardest thing for you to do as a writer?

Selina: Complete something. I am such an ill disciplined writer that other ideas come into my head and I just abandon what I was doing. Don’t do that kids. I would write a writing manual called ‘How To Be A Disorganised Writer’ but I doubt I’ll ever finish it.


Me: Out of all the stories you’ve written, which one is your favorite?

Selina: Tough one. Confessions are the stories I am most proud of in terms of writing. I think they are the best writing I’ve done.

Unicorned Squirrels was the most fun I’ve ever had writing and I love everything about it. 

Tyler & Bryce I like because the character of Bryce is kind of how I envisaged I would be if I took a different path.

But I would say Fell8 – a story that shouldn’t really work because it’s just ridiculous but based on the feedback it seems too. Plus it’s probably my most complete story in terms of structure and that (even though it’s incomplete)


Me: How has quarantine changed you?

Selina: It’s made me appreciate what I miss but also what I have. After all this is over I won’t be going back to how I was living my life beforehand and hope many others take the opportunity and do the same. In comic book terms I want the coronavirus to be a much needed reboot in terms of how we live our lives and what is really important to us.


Me: What is one thing the world doesn’t know about you but would be shocked to learn?

Selina: *checks my thirty thousand tweets* – Yep not sure there is much that will shock the world.

Ermm that I know what I am doing and have a clear plan….Yeh even I don’t believe that.

I have separate lives connected by a small thread of my personality – my work, family, general IRL and online life are different and I weirdly compartmentalise them so they don’t clash.

If a work colleague, friend, family member and one of my followers all met up to talk about me they’d be shocked to learn a few things 

So I suppose it depends about which me you’re talking about 😂😂


Currently, she’s working on her first Kindle story, Sand Of Gold, and will be (finally) finishing her story Fell8 – which you really need to check out if you haven’t already.

If you want to check out the rest of Selina’s world, here’s a collection of links that will help. Trust me, in no time flat, you’ll be just as enthralled as I am. Oh, and be sure to check out her little pet project, Precious Comfort Love Thrust. You’ll be glad you did. 😊


🌐 Website: 

🐤 Twitter: 


🎈 Redbubble:


If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can check out The Links of Selina. So much goodness. 🥰


  1. Richie on June 30, 2021 at 12:26 pm

    When she finishes her first Kindle book, we gotta’ get her on Kinky Literature! 😉

  2. DC on June 30, 2021 at 2:09 pm

    This was good, though there’s manyore questions that could be asked about her writing, how she approaches it, what inspires her, writing techniques used, etc. But a good snapshot. More needed. The world needs more Selina.

    • Alexa Nichols on June 30, 2021 at 2:23 pm

      First of all, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! And thanks for commenting! I understand where you’re coming from, but I gave myself a limit of ten questions because, you know, she’s a busy girl – and, quite frankly, so am I. I tried to pick the most interesting questions, but interesting is a relative concept. What’s interesting to me may not be interesting to you. That being written, if you’re curious to learn more about her, reach out and ask. She doesn’t bite! 🥰

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