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Daughter of a slug and a sloth…

Have you ever had one of those days where you just did the stupidest shit imaginable at every possible turn? Like, you thought you were all focused and on your game, but everything you did just turned out wrong?

Yeah, that was my day today.

Days like this rarely happen to me, because usually I’m extremely focused and organized, and everything I need to do gets done with (more or less) laser focus and precision. Seriously, I’m pretty intense like that.
Today? I felt like the retarded child of a slug breeding with a sloth.

It wasn’t pretty.

Rebecca was completely sweet about all of it, of course, not even laughing at me or making fun of my constant string of errors. God I love that woman. Maybe not Love love, but definitely love. She’s awesome. And tolerant of me. I didn’t know such a person existed! 😄

Anyway, I guess I have to have days like today to kind of keep me in check, because I’ll admit, sometimes my head get a bit swollen…

Oh! Oh! My brother is about to start writing his Change series again! He’s actually starting the next book tomorrow! I’m super-excited about this, because he won’t tell me jack shit about anything, making me read the book when the rest of you peons – err – people do. You’d think as his little sister I’d get first dibs, right?! He won’t even let me be a beta-reader! 😣

Anyway, I’m trying to convince Rebecca to let me post pictures of her and us online, but so far she’s not budging. She’s really self-concious of her looks. You’d think she was a 500 pound buck-tooth Amazon the way she dodges cameras…

Anyway, goodnight all. Time to watch an episode of Veronica Mars and head to bed!

❤ #Love

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