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I’m really starting to think that I need an editor for my editor’s edits. I love the work she does, and she obviously spends a lot of time, energy, and thought into editing my works, but – and this is a very weak but – sometimes, I think the vision of the writer and the grammatical correctness of the editor don’t always shake hands. At all. During those times, I have a tough decision to make: do I go with her suggestions, or do I instead follow my inner writer’s voice?

It’s often an agonizing struggle.

And sometimes that’s even a good thing.

Language, after all, is a living, breathing creature – it evolves, lives, and dies on the lips of its speakers. It is literally created by people who come up with new and creative ways to say things. Writers.

Now don’t get it twisted: I love my editor. It’s hard not to. I mean, editors are trained to find and correct things like grammatical errors, punctuation placements, and other necessary tidbits that prevent their writers from looking stupid. Believe me, I have absolutely no delusions – without my editor, I wouldn’t be selling anywhere near the eBooks, audiobooks, or paperbacks that I do!

It’s just that sometimes, I end up gritting my teeth at some of the things she suggests.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m still tearing through the edits for “Nephilim: Daybreak”, and I think I’m about 50% done with them. If it wasn’t for Real Life jumping in the way, I would have been done a long time ago. This weekend, however, I’ll be house-sitting for the bestie, I’m going to turn into a writing machine and finish all the edits (if I haven’t already) and release Nephilim into the wild.

Which is long overdue, especially since I’m already halfway through with the second book in the series!

In other news: my first Quickies Cumpilation was green-lighted to be an audiobook. It’s been recorded, approved, and is currently on sale at Audible and will soon be available on Apple and Amazon within the next few days. When it is, I’ll have the website and Kinky Literature updated to reflect it.

I’m very excited!

Anyway, back to editing…




  1. Richie G on November 10, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Hi Alexa, looking forward to getting the audible format listed for Quickies Cumpilation. I’ll jump on it as soon as you tell me it’s available on Amazon.

    Good luck with sales from Kinky Literature.


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