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You know, it’s really hard to go through a meeting when your girlfriend is steadily texting you dirty messages. And, you know, the kind of girl I am, I have to respond, so I find myself sitting there getting all hot and bothered. While I’m supposed to be listening and taking notes. Fortunately, no one noticed and I didn’t get called out on it, but still. It was exhilarating and frustrating at the same time. 😀

As I’m writing this, I’m smiling, because when you think about it, its a pretty nice problem to have…

The rest of my day was actually funny. Like, literally funny. Everyone in the office was cracking jokes and – surprisingly – getting a shitload of work done at the same time. Most days are nothing like this, but for some reason, everyone was goofy. Instead of just me. 😀

It was a really good day. I enjoyed it.

Until tomorrow.





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