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STILL fighting with Amazon

So, I’m still fighting with Amazon over the publication of Erotic Urban Legends. They have decided to block the book from being published, sending me the following via email:


“We have reviewed the information you provided and have determined that we will not be making the book(s) available for sale on Amazon at this time.

We are not confident you own the exclusive publishing rights to the entire content of your book.

I hope this helps. Thanks for using Amazon KDP.”


So. I am not about to let five months of compilation and deals go down the drain, so…stay tuned 😉

In other writing-related news, the audiobook version of “Nephilim: Daybreak” is almost done! The narrator (who also wants to do the rest of the Nephilim series) is exactly how I figured Jazmyn to sound, so it’s a perfect fit. Hearing her do Piotr’s (Jazmyn’s Russian dad) voice and accent is hilarious, though. Not in a bad way. At all.

Speaking of Nephilim, some of you have asked me why I chose to spell Jasmine as Jazmyn for my story, saying it’s a strange and goofy way to spell it. Strange, yes. Goofy, no. The name Jazmyn is actually Persian, and I felt it more exotic and interesting than the typical Jasmine used most of the time. Because Jazmyn is anything but typical. Despite her average / below average way of life.

So now you know.

In even more writing related news, my big brother told me a few hours ago that he’s staying up all night to work on The Change: Gabriel. He really shouldn’t have let me know that. I’m about to be all over his ass while he’s writing. Not stopping him or anything, just reading over his shoulder – which doesn’t seem to bother him at all. That is so far from how I am it’s funny. I hate for someone to even be in the same room as me when I write, much less try and read what I’m writing. I get hella-hostile. I can be spider-monkeying him and he’ll just ignore me and write fluid as hell. (I speak from experience)

Anyway. Until tomorrow, my loves.




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