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If I want to remember anything about today, it is this: I wrote so much that my fingers almost fell off.

It wasn’t really writing, I guess, but more editing and revising a project I’ve been working on for a while now called Erotic Urban Legends. Currently it’s sitting at 79,596 words and takes up 133 Word pages, so there’s no telling how big of an eBook it will be. Regardless of how big it ends up, I’ll be selling it for $4.99 on Amazon. For the first week (and the first week only) I’ll be selling it for $2.50 on Smashwords. After that first week, I’m pulling it from Smashwords and placing it on Amazon, its final home, at the regular $4.99 price.

It’s actually done, I just have to run it through Grammarly (which I absolutely swear by) and send a free copy to a few friends (you reading this Richie? Jamie??) to get their opinions before I go ahead and make it live.

It’s been a lot of fun compiling – the ten author-submitted stories it contains are definitely pushing the envelope of erotica, and I won’t be surprised at all if Amazon ultimately decides to pull the plug on it. It’s just a matter of how long it will take them. 😀 but then, they have surprised me before: Please don’t Get Me Pregnant was very risqué, and they let that one fly, so who knows.

It will be entertaining to watch! 😀

If they do pull it, I may just have to make it exclusive to my website – or find some online adult publishers out there. We’ll see.

I’m attaching to this diary entry a snapshot of the cover as it stands now; it may change before the actual publication of the book, but it’s pretty much done as far as I am concerned.

If all goes as planned, my friends should get it tomorrow evening, and hopefully a week from then (after I get their opinions on it) it will be in your lotion crusted hands.

I can’t wait…






  1. Richie G on November 30, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    Hi Alexa, Yes, I’m reading it. I got my box of tissues all ready! Just get it in my lotion crusted hands. lol. I like the cover but I would like it better if I knew it was your cute butt. Just say it is.

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