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I’m Weird

I’m weird. I mean, this really shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that even vaguely knows me, but today really just kind of emphasized it.

See, I was on the bus running errands and thought it would be a good time to get some writing done. Which I often do during my commutes. No biggie. So I went to put on some music – and realized that I left my headphones at home.

So I kind of mentally shrugged and went about opening Invictus (another book I have been writing for a while and is the final stages of editing) to edit it and found it nearly impossible. I just couldn’t focus on it.

And then it really hit me: without music, I really can’t write.

So I closed my documents and sat and thought about that for a minute (had J.C. been there, I would have instantly asked him and had him explain it to me, but he wasn’t). What I came up with is interesting. I think I use music not only to shut out the world so I can focus but to stir my emotions up a bit so I can funnel them into my writings.

I’m a very emotional person, and when I write I kind of channel that emo’ness into something creative. Music is the catalyst for that. Me and my brother are definitely alike in that regard, except he listens to shit like Mozart and Led Zeppelin while I listen to real music by real artists like Jessie J and Evanescence. 🤘

Yeah, I know, he’s strange. But I love him. ❤

The lesson I learned today: never leave the house without my headphones!

Until tomorrow, my loves…

🎭 Alexa



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