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I quit.

  Dear Diary, Not too long ago, I woke up disoriented, falling over myself, and nauseous. I couldn’t quit throwing up, and for the next two days, I felt absolutely disgusting. The worst part? I still had author tasks to do (such as advertising, finishing up Voyeur Season 2 Episode 5, taxes, and other personal…

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On being a rapist, and how my art imitates Life

Dear Diary, Anne and I were once again braving public transit to run some errands (because unfortunately, not everything can be done online. Yet.) and stepped onto a train where this young woman was sitting in her seat, slamming her fist against the window and yelling something about rapists. Everyone on the train seemed to…

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How Star Wars made me an author

Dear Diary, I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. More than that, I think I might be becoming a bit of a hermit. I have so many creative projects I’m working on, so many stories I’m writing/outlining, that I’m finding myself lost in them. It used to be I would turn to social media for a…

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Making bricks with Mint 😭

Dear Diary, First of all, a disclaimer: this post is going to be way more nerdish than usual. It’s also going to talk about an event that happened almost a month ago, an event I never intended to write about, but so many people still inquire that I decided I might as well. If computers…

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Being disenchanted… and a devious bitch.

Dear Diary, I tell my Patreon peeps a lot about the private things going on in my life, things I don’t usually share on social media because… well, private, and these people (whom I lovingly dub my #Alexaliens) are helping fund my dream of becoming a writer – so I consider them family, you know?…

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How Anne saved me from a pizza related death!

Dear Diary, You know, as I sat down to write this, something occurred to me: lately, a lot of my Diary entries have been about my life almost being snuffed. Hopefully this isn’t a dark foreboding or something. 😁😭 Anyway, continuing the tales of the attempts on my life, I have another culprit to add:…

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Do not inhale taco meat!

Dear Diary, Do not inhale taco meat! I’m serious. Don’t try it. I speak from personal experience when I write that this is a painful, life-changing event. Interestingly enough, it can also be thought-provoking and introspective. Let me rewind a bit. I was switching back and forth between furiously typing away at the rough draft…

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The 100 Things I Like About Selina

Dear Diary, So Anne and I were out the other day running errands, risking our lives by riding public transit as bougie bitches like us are wont to do. She was completely oblivious of everything, as usual, while I was damn near dying over an intense smell of putridness that seemed to hang in the…

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